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Central Lakes
Learning Center

Your center for supplemental learning in the Central Lakes area- from music lessons to art classes, we've got you covered! We're dedicated to providing enriching and diverse supplemental educational opportunities for students of all ages and interests.

Guitar Lessons

Trick the Genie!

Answering Homework Questions for Free Because Learning is Magic!
Trick the Genie!

Trick the Genie!

Watch Now

Introducing "Trick the Genie" - your ultimate solution for unraveling complex concepts and conquering challenging questions! Join us every Monday through Thursday at 6pm CST for a captivating live-streamed session of "Trick the Genie," where subject experts are at your service, ready to provide real-time answers to your inquiries.

Feel free to tune into our live-streamed "Trick the Genie" session below (just come back here at 6pm on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday), and use the inbuilt video chat or website chat (bottom right) to ask any questions during our live-streamed session.