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School Supply Store

The school supply store is perfect for all of your educational supply needs! Whether you're homeschooling your kids or they're going to an in-person school, we have something for you. From basic school supplies to fun-packed science kits and homeschooling curriculum kits, we've got you covered! Stop by today!

About the School Supply Store

At the school supply store, we have a wide range of products we know you'll love! Some of our most popular items include our awesome science kit range (we've got everything from clean water production to volcanos!), our highly affordable school supplies, and our educational toys for little ones! Come visit us!

Where we are

The School Supply Store is located at 1303 S. 6th St in Brainerd (MN).

Opening Times

Monday-Thursday: 2pm - 7:30pm

Friday-Sunday: Closed

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